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When Mrs. Freeman told Bridget to go away and leave her, the Irish girl stopped playing with the tendrils of hair on Evelyn's forehead, and looked at her governess with a blank expression stealing over her face."Love me," she pleaded; "do love me, for I love you.""Do try not to make such a fool of yourself," repeated Janet, angrily, in her ear.

The door was closed then, and Bridget O'Hara found herself alone.rummy 45 hack

Bridget turned and looked at her companion in slow wonder. Janet's remark had the effect of absolutely silencing her; she ate her bacon, munched her toast, and drank off a cup of hot coffee in an amazingly short time, then she jumped up, and shook the crumbs of her meal on to the floor.

"Well, Marshall is unhappy about her," replied Dorothy. "She said that Bridget would not touch her dinner. I don't exactly know what Mrs. Freeman means to do about her, but the poor girl is a prisoner in Miss Patience's dull little sitting room for the present."

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The girls took their places at the table—grace was said, and the meal began.

"What do you mean, Olive?" Olive turned and looked at Janet."We'll all be delighted to have her again, of course," said Olive. "And is she really quite well, Miss Delicia?"For the first time there was a faint hesitation in her manner.

[Pg 33]Miss Patience asked for a blessing on the meal just partaken of in a clear, emphatic voice, and the group of girls began to file out of the room.Dorothy was beginning to whisper to her companion that all their excitement was safe to end in smoke, when the door at the farther end of the dining hall was softly pushed open, and a head of luxuriant nut-brown curling hair was popped in. Two roguish dark blue eyes looked down the long room—they greeted with an eager sort of delighted welcome each fresh girl face, and then the entire person of a tall, showily dressed girl entered.

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Olive looked at her steadily.